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Andrey Olinov, M. Sc

EOS System and Traction are the founding principles of what we teach and practice

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) integrates a complete set of simple tools and a proven process to produce powerful business results. Our business advisors apply the tools and approaches from the book. We have experience implementing EOS and helping businesses to grow and exit with its help.

Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, founding member of EO is a great book that has a lot of valuable insights. We use that book when working with our clients

Scaling Up performance platform focuses on the Four Decisions® methodology every company must get right: PeopleStrategyExecution, and Cash. Used by more than 70,000 firms around the globe that scaled their companies successfully. We have used the principles from the book in practice, and can teach you to do it as well.

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Andrey's BIO

Andrey has always enjoyed helping people – starting with his late teens working as part of IT department, and later when he founded and grew Complete Technologies, the award-winning organization specializing in working as an outsourced IT department for other businesses. Andrey received his Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Moscow, Russia and then moved to Canada to study at the University of Saskatchewan together with his wife Dasha the day after they got married.

After the graduation Andrey have made one of the best decisions of his life (maybe second best after deciding to move to Canada) to become an entrepreneur and open IT service company in Saskatoon. Complete Technologies opened in September 2011 with Andrey being a sole owner/operator, and when Andrey sold the company to his long-term employee in 2021, company employed almost 20 people.

After growing and exiting his business, Andrey reflected on the things he enjoyed the most, and realized he wants to help other business owners to grow their businesses and be happy while doing that. Knowing the struggles of running and growing the business, Andrey has developed number of tools that he used every day to successfully manage the growth and reputation of his business, and now he is ready to share these skills with you.

Andrey and Dasha have 3 children. In a spare time, Andrey spends time with family, trains for Ironman and reads classical literature.