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to fit every business




  • Coaching session every 2 weeks to maintain accountability and track results
  • Best fitted to maintain the results achieved after working together for several months

Business Booster



  • One coaching session every week to achieve results on the shortest timeline
  • Balance of price and time commitment that will suit most businesses

Ultimate Booster



  • Two coaching sessions per week
  • Usually one session is with the Owners, and one with the Management team. This approach allows for ultimate accountability and fastest results

Andrey comes with a wealth of business experience and has been instrumental in helping HyperPop get to the next level as a business.

Although we have known about EOS for some time and have tried to self-implement, we were unsuccessful due to a lack of accountability while staying busy with client work.

Andrey was able to quickly help our company implement EOS by providing the structure and information through our weekly meetings, diagnosing our bottlenecks, and keeping us accountable and disciplined int the implementation process.

If you need an external set of eyes to help your business grow or to implement EOS, I would highly recommend talking to Andrey to see how he can bring value to you and your organization.

– Thomas Lee, CEO @ HyperPop

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